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Understanding pet's feelings makes you want to talk to them more.

What are they thinking?
Why are they moving like that?
You might get a little insight into your pet's feelings.

This is an app that lets you peek into their world.

*The AI generates dialogue based on the situation in the image, but the displayed dialogue does not accurately represent the pet's true feelings. Also, it cannot be used for pet health management or medical diagnosis. Always consult a professional veterinarian for health and medical decisions.

Latest Update Information

・Added three types of speech bubbles for "Fresh-Start Inspired" .
・Added a "Fresh-Start Inspired" personality.

* Fresh-Start Inspired content is available only with the Premium Plan, but some of it is available for free.

Welcome to Twipet!

AI guesses your pet's mood and generates lines that your pet likely to say.

How to Play

Point your smartphone at your pet, and let's Twipet!

Point your smartphone camera at your pet...

Tap the 'Guess the Mood' button!

Your pet's feeling will be shown in a speech bubble!

Take photos and videos and have fun!

Other features.

Get your pet's attention with sound!

Import and Scan Past Videos!


You can customize how your pet speaks.

You can choose the speech bubble design as you like.

What would you like your pet to call you?

Enjoy Twipet More!

Premium Plan


Unlimited Twipet Use!

You can use Twipet as much as and whenever you want.

Video Recording Enabled!

You can record videos from the camera function.

Import and Scan Past Videos!

Enjoy Twipet with your favorite childhood or travel memory videos.

Customize What Your Pet Calls You!

What does your beloved pet usually call you? You can customize what your pet calls you.

Unlock All Personalities!

Enjoy various personalities! Even in the same scene, your pet would say something different. We will add more personalities in the future!

Unlock All Speech Balloon Designs!

You can set various design of speech balloon like sparkling, spooky-themed and more!

Remove Twipet's Logo from Photos!

You can capture photos/videos without the 'Twipet' logo.

Recommended Operating Environment

- Android10 or higher
- iOS16 or higher
- iPadOS16 or higher

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